River City CFO Services, Inc. provides part-time CFO consultant services to growth oriented small and medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

America’s largest and most successful businesses and non-profit organizations recognize the value and strategic/operational advantage of having a competent CFO (Chief Financial Officer) on staff. For smaller organizations, which account for 92% of all businesses, the value and contribution that a CFO can bring to the table is virtually untapped.

My name is Mike Wilke. I founded River City CFO Services, Inc. to address this competitive disadvantage that many smaller organizations endure.

Now your smaller organization can have access to an experienced financial professional for as few or as many hours per month as you choose. We expect that most clients would engage our services for as little as four hours per month or as much as one or two days per week. We can also support your special project needs, such as bid/proposal preparation, annual budgeting, software evaluation/implementation or preparing a loan request package for your banker.

Although it is would be difficult to describe all of the areas where we can help, the following are some of the common situations in which River City CFO Services, Inc. can provide almost immediate results:
  • Sales are up, but profits are down
  • Sales are up, but cash flow is down
  • Your managers cannot determining profitability by product\service, division or location
  • You bankers “just don’t understand your business” and therefore are reluctant to grant or extend your credit lines
  • You are evaluating a lease/purchase decision for equipment or property
  • Your Profit and Loss reports are so late (and often inaccurate) that you have lost confidence in using them as a managerial tool
  • You need your staff to provide key performance data every day or week so that you could make timely management decisions or operational adjustments
  • You are ready to expand your business, but need assistance in determining the financial impact in terms of investment, budget and cash flow
  • You are preparing a proposal or bid and just need a “trusted advisor” to discuss pricing or negotiations strategies with
  • Your accounting staff are great folks, but they just need some training or direction
  • You wish you had someone to coordinate services with your outside CPA firm/auditors
  • You continue to receive costly late payment penalties because the payroll tax deposit were late